Project Description

Landtech Soils offer pitch maintenance as one of it’s services. We have worked on many contracts, both in the private and public sectors. One of the companies landmark projects was the development of the main pitch in Thomond Park (IRFU), home to the Munster rugby team located in Limerick.

Decompaction and Drainage

Pitch Maintenance Ireland - Landtech SoilsVerti-Slitting – One of the routine sports field maintenance services we offer is to carry out both de-compaction and surface drainage works, while leaving the surface level and ready for play. We use the Blec Groundbreaker mounted on a LGP tractor for this operation.

The BLEC Groundbreaker: – Verti-Slitting

  • Relieves compaction down to 10″ (25cm),
  • Produces continuous slits for good drainage,
  • Blades do not lift the surface or throw up stones or debris.
  • A smooth non-disruptive operation with low rotor speed.


To restore the grass sward on a sports field or golf fairway we use the Moore Un-drill. This 1.2 meter sports field OVER-SEEDER can follow the ground contours accurately and plant seeds at a constant depth in its own prepared mini seedbed. Seeds planted at 12mm (1/2 – 3/4 inch) give an excellent rooting structure, which holds the grass sward together – better than shallow planted seeds which tend to be moved easily or scuffed off. To obtain a hard wearing playing surface, the playing surface should be over-seeded at regular intervals.

The combination of the angled slitter discs, and special seed tubes lifting and placing seed into the soil directly, a system unique to the Moore uni-drill , also move the turf in a wave like motion. The Over Seeder is a cultural tool in that it acts as a grass root pruner by cutting or breaking the grass plant roots. For the survival of the grass plant, it must immediately put all of it’s resources into growing new roots, resulting in stronger plants with better root structures. This practice helps to develop and strengthen the root structures, thus giving a much improved playing surface by relieving surface compaction and aerating the soil, which stimulates root growth and encourages the existing grasses to grow between the newly seeded rows.

Pitch Repair Service

We offer a complete goal mouth repair service. Our experienced team will dig out the worn areas, restore levels, adding sand as required and lay top quality turf to restore the area to top quality playing condition.