Benefits of a Green Roof

A green roof reduces the cost of our environmental footprint and benefits biodiversity, they also reduce the price we pay on heating and cooling our homes.

The Benefits of a Green Roof include:

  • Glas Green Roofs – Benefits from Simple and Efficient Urban Greening

  • Protects Property – Can double the life of the waterproof membrane

  • Saves Energy – Operating as an additional insulation layer, a Glas Green Roof can reduce temperature fluctuation within a building – thereby reducing heating and air conditioning running costs,

  • Creates Comfort – Reduced temperature fluctuation within the building produces a more comfortable living and working environment,

  • A green roof promotes Biodiversity – It will increase the variability among living organisms from all sources within an eco-system,

  • Rainwater Attenuation – A green roof will reduce the amount and rate of run-off of rainwater – with less water going into the storm water system. Our Green Roofs also meets SuDS requirements.


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Wildflower & Meadow Grass
Wildflower & meadow grass | Green Roofs from Landtech Soils

Mixtures to encourage biodiversity

Sedum Roof on Garden Shed | Green Roofs

Drought Tolerance & Minimal Maintenance

Wildflower & Sedum Mixtures
Sedum & Wildflower | Green Roofs

Drought Tolerance & Ecological Benefits

Grass Mixtures
Grass Green Roof Solutions

Low Maintenance for Relaxation and Peace of Mind

  • Extends the life of the underlying waterproof membrane.
  • A Green Roof will “soften” the impact of the structure in the urban environment.
  • Enhances heat protection and saves valuable heating energy by minimizing temperature fluctuations within the roof and provides cooling in the Summer.
  • Improves roof noise attenuation by up to 8dB in the interior.
  • It will also promote biodiversity, and provides a long term habitat for plants and animals and insects, such as butterflies.
  • Green roofs help combat the effect of pollution.
  • A Green Roof can help to reduce flood risk by absorbing rainfall, and reducing run-off,an important issue in an urban landscape.
  • In an urban setting, a Green Roof, can reduce the ‘urban heat island effect’.
  • A Green Roof serves to eliminate fine dust and pollutants, produces oxygen, and improves the visual and climatic quality of the environment.
  • Wildflower and meadow grass mixtures to encourage biodiversity,
  • Wildflower and sedum mixtures for drought tolerance and ecological benefits,
  • Low maintenance grass mixtures.
  • Supplied ready to roll out as an instant vegetation layer,
  • Lightweight, easy to install and low maintenance,
  • Available in varying roll sizes to suit site requirements,
  • Suitable for use with a lightweight green roof substrate.

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