Based on sustainable green technology and stormwater runoff management our green roofs provide many advantages and innovations in green roof installation. Utilizing Ecogrid Sedum Tray technology and our specialized light weight green roof soil mixtures Landtech Soils hope to be someday recognised as supplying the best green living roofs in the Irish and English markets.




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Sustainable Green Roof Systems

Landtech Soils Ltd produce, supply and install affordable intensive and extensive living green roof systems across Ireland and the United Kingdom. For the last 35 years, we have innovated and improved upon green roof installation for both small and large scale projects. If you want a quote or to find out more information about our system please feel free to contact us today by clicking here or continue to read all our information on our green roof system below.

EcoGrid for Green Roofs | Landtech Soils

Green Roof Tray Technology

We have recently began to use an innovative green roof tray system which was produced by a leading geosynthetic developer called EcoGrid. Ecosedum Trays® for Green Roofs provides a perfect bed into which our specialised light weight soil and vegetation can be placed.

Ecosedum® trays provide many advantages over the traditional green roof mat technology. Each tray has an inbuilt water reservoir that helps keep plant life hydrated all year round, this means that traditional sedum matting water attenuation sheets are no longer necessary, which is great for the environment but also provides a direct saving onto our customers.

This tray system is fully sustainable and cost effective both in the short and long term. According to Landtech Soils and Ecogrid, this tray technology when combined with our waterproof membrane will provide a 200% insulation increase to your flat or sloped roof. It does this by absorbing the UV radiation sent by the sun. Our green roof will also keep heat locked into the room while keeping cold temperatures out. It’s also a great sound barrier!

Our green roofs are SuDS suitable, this means that our green roofs can be used to reduce the over burden on civic and domestic storm water facilities. This can reduce the level of water on your property and provide your building with extra protection from flooding. In some cases, by including SuDS management into your project brief you can gain extra conditions with your local authorities planning department. Ask your local planning authorities for more information on this as conditions can vary by county to county.

Like all green roofs there will always be a requirement for maintenance. However, unlike traditional green roof matting, maintenance costs for our green roofs are substantially lower. For example, if for any reason you have to lift or repair a traditional green roof mat, you may have to replace large sections of that green roof. With our tray system you can lift each section independently, stack them onto each other and once the problem is rectified the trays can be easily replaced and laid back onto the surface thus reducing labour and resource costs.

We supply our green roof trays preplanted with seven different species of Sedum and an option to add wild chive to the mix. After the waterproof membrane is installed, installation is an extremely quick process. This means that when you order a green roof from us we can have the whole green roof installed in a very short period of time.

Since we began producing and supplying green roofs, Landtech Soils have been continually seeking out new methods of improving the quality and reliability of our green roof soil mixtures. Since 2009 Landtech Soils has been working in conjunction with the University of Limerick to develop suitable soil mixtures for a range of green roofs. These soil mixtures were specifically developed for the UK & Ireland’s environmental requirements but also to provide a light weight solution to the heavy loadbearing requirements of a green roof.

Our soil uses many light and slow releasing organic fertilisers along with ultra-light stone verities, organic soil and composts to produce a fantastic soil that creates the ideal environment for Sedum and a wide selection of wild flower varieties.

As you can see, we take our construction processes very seriously and that is why we utilise these sustainable green technologies with a suitable light weight substrate to provide you with the very best options in the development of your green roof.

Landtech Soils have been growing our own green roof vegetation options for over eight years, we can always guarantee our customers where the product comes from and that is has our guarantee of the highest quality on the Irish and English market. We have a very small carbon footprint, also we only use organic soils and organic fertilisers because the environment and ecosystem means a lot to us.

From the first moment you contact us we will provide you with the highest level of respect and one to one customer service. Our team will always be available for any questions you may have, we know finding the right information on green roofs is important and we want to help you where we can.

We understand that the building process can be stressful and that’s why our green roof expert and CEO John O Hara will gladly talk with you about your design specifications or if you are in the early stages of design and are just thinking about building a green roof and want to know more information, John would be delighted to help you. You can find our contact details at the bottom of the screen.

Wildflower & Meadow Grass
Wildflower & meadow grass | Green Roofs from Landtech Soils


Seven Sedum Mix
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Drought Tolerance

Wildflower & Sedum Mixtures
Sedum & Wildflower | Green Roofs

Ecological Benefits

Grass Mixtures
Grass Green Roof Solutions

Blend into the Environment

What is the Cost of a Green Roof

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