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Flex MSE – An innovative product designed for constructing major retaining walls with a vegetative layer. Meets all international load bearing requirements.

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Flex MSE Vegetated Retaining Walls

Flex MSE is an innovative product designed for constructing major retaining walls with a vegetative layer. This environmentally friendly building material provides an engineering solution to many construction, commercial and private urban greening applications such as, retaining walls, unique landscaping, habitat creation, erosion control, sediment control, land reclamation.

Flex MSE provides all these applications for both commercial and private urban greening projects while meeting all load bearing requirements for on site regulations. When we compare the substitutes below it makes it clear that Flex MSE is most suitable option for modern large or small construction projects.

The Alternatives

  1. A retaining wall made of poured concrete is expensive, time consuming and adds nothing to the environment, furthermore concrete often requires specialized equipment to construct, such as heavy equipment and specialised personnel to install.
  2. Concrete block systems go in cheaper than poured walls, but have common structural and finish issues.
  3. When used for a vegetated retaining wall, basket systems require large amounts of very specific material and often don’t provide thorough, sustained vegetation – resulting in premature corrosion and a shortened life span.
  4. Wood systems have a short life span and due to the chemicals used in the wood preservation treatment process, treated timbers are difficult to dispose of at the end of use.

The Advantages of Flex MSE over the alternatives

Flex MSE’s Vegetated Wall System has several advantages over conventional methods:
  • Superior drainage and settlement tolerances make it perfect for areas with poor soils and water infiltration.

  • Minimal excavation, light reinforcement, no forms, footings or rebar, and often no expensive drainage design.

  • Light, permeable and flexible units are easily installed around trees, rock, and water.

  • No more graffiti or wall staining, or failures from frost cycles and leaky soils.

A Vegetated Retaining Wall built with Flex MSE can be installed anywhere up to 82 degrees using the same two components.

Flex MSE’s versatility offers you the ability to build your wall according to the project’s needs as they develop. The added benefit of being able to construct a Flex MSE wall which follows the natural landscape or flows over land formations allows designers to build organic structures without having to rely on right-angle decisions. Retaining walls often support structures or are used to create level building pads. Flex MSE is ideally suited for these applications given that it is as strong as concrete the day it goes in and only gets stronger over time as the root web from the vegetated face takes hold. Flex MSE is used to build everything from small stream banks to massive roadways – providing permanent stability you can build on. For more information on Flex MSE for Vegetated Retaining Wall or Slope Stabilisation please contact us.

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