Soil Stabilisation, Erosion Control, Shoreline Protection with FlexMSE

FlexMSE – The ideal green building material to stabilise and filter water of sediment and other pollutants. FlexMSE filters water by allowing slow movement through the porous geobag technology.

Soil Stabilisation, Erosion Control, Shoreline Protection



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Designed with environmental conservation in mind, FlexMSE ensures that riverbanks are stable and secure while acting as a filter for sediment and other common river and sea contaminants. Through the geobag technology and second generation interlocking plate, FlexMSE can provide a barrier of defence where ever water meets land. It achieves this by integrating nature with technology via local vegetation and our bespoke range of specialised soils.

Once installed, FlexMSE can begin growing a interlocking root network of vegetation within the structure of the geobag technology. This process provides the opportunity to establish a new habitat for local wildlife but also works to strengthen the structural integrity of the embankment.

The value of FlexMSE is that it provides a means to simply retain minerals or sediment and keep them within the geobag or allow the process of conveying them into a specified area away from the river or coastline.

FlexMSE is perfect for almost every water based location including:

  • Dykes

  • Soil stabilisation

  • Lakes

  • Rivers

  • Streams

  • Storm water reservoirs

  • Urban drainage systems

  • Wetlands

  • Abutments

  • Detention ponds

  • Swales and many more.

An innovative feature of FlexMSE is to utilise it in the areas of urban water management. By taking advantage of the systems gentle percolation volume civic engineers can control the rate of contaminants entering into the storm water run off. Perfect for carparks or areas of high rates of traffic.

River and sea conservation agencies worldwide are adopting new regulations to protect waterways of becoming contaminated by sediment and preventing erosion of habits. Best management practices such as SuDS and LEED are actively contributing to this cause. These regulations help to provide value to both the environment and to the construction process by making the project simple while keeping to loadbearning and other engineering regulations at the highest priority.

By maintaining a high goal of green engineering projects that utilise technologies such as FlexMSE, Green Roofs, Green Walls and CU-Soil can achieve BMP’s while being awarded by governmental and local body sectors.

Developments that require these products will include silt plans, designed sediment discharge areas, pond deactivation areas and identification of sensitive waterways and areas of conservation including projects that wish to achieve gold or sliver LEED status.

FlexMSE is an investment into nature and infrastructure. Its effects will be felt immediately and also well into the future. By turning areas that could have been concrete lifeless structures into living contributing areas of beautiful construction we can transform urban areas into areas that works in tandem with nature and human civic advancements.

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