Erosion Control and Land Reclamation with FlexMSE

With a high degree of versatility and ease of installation, installing Flex MSE in water areas is a simple yet high tech solution for Erosion Control and Land Reclamation.

Erosion Control and Land Reclamation



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Ideal solution for problems with land erosion land loss.

In Ireland there is 3,172 kilometres of sea coastline with ten of the largest rivers measuring a total of 1643 kilometres, when you include all other rivers which measure under in 200km in length it would be fair to say that Ireland has a wide area of river and sea banks.

With this information we know that these areas are vulnerable to erosion and over time farm land can be lost to this natural and unnatural condition. FlexMSE offers a solution that can reclaim and protect all areas where water meets the land. This solution works with the land around it by protecting local wildlife and vegetation at an affordable and dependable solution to the problem.

FlexMSE offers protection of natural habitats and creates a sustainable balance with development and nature conflicts.

FlexMSE is an ideal building material for those that wish to create Gold and Sliver LEED projects where water is within the design brief.

  • Agricultural land reclamation

  • Flood berms

  • Property protection and reclamation

  • River Bank Stabilization

  • Residential Stream Bank Protection – 7 years.

How FlexMSE does it:

Flex MSE creates reinforced vegetated slopes that decrease erosion and maximize available land.  The Flex MSE Patented system protects soils from erosion without altering hydrology – providing a permanent, green solution. Perfect for culvert headwalls, unstable stream banks, in-stream structures, and flood protection, Flex MSE is ideal for anywhere land meets water.

Flex MSE’s resilient green structures not only improve water quality, they repair damage to fragile natural areas, public assets and private property.

Flex MSE can reclaim original property lines and increase building footprints along waterways, while preventing future erosion from wave and high flow scour.

Building along sensitive waterways and tributaries often limits the choice of building materials. Flex MSE is ideally suited for anywhere land meets water: it limits Heat Island effects on water, toxic leachants, and allows for rapid regrowth of vegetation in riparian zones.

The versatility and ease of installation make installing Flex MSE in water a simple solution for traditionally hard to access areas. The raw materials used in the construction of the Flex MSE components are incredibly stable in extreme heat and cold, as well as able to withstand strong water flow and complete submersion without breaking down prematurely.

Flex MSE can also be used for dams, weirs or bridge abutments, providing stability for nearly any aquatic application.

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