Flex MSE – Innovative Sustainable Green Building Material

In terms of new innovations in environmentally green building materials there is no other product that has impressed us like Flex MSE – Landtech Soils Ltd.

FlexMSE- Innovative Retaining Wall Technology



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Green Construction

In terms of new innovations in green building materials there is no other product that has impressed us like Flex MSE – Landtech Soils Ltd

The innovation in Flex MSE is in its design and flexibility to each project’s natural land formations. Unlike concrete and other hard wall material, Flex MSE’s geobag technology allows it to work with the location, which may reduce the cost of clearing the site in order to make it ready to build on.

Large projects on an industrial scale can take advantage of this new versatile green technology while simultaneously FlexMSE is perfect for smaller DIY projects. Private, commercial and large scale construction projects can all utilise FlexMSE for use in constructing, Living walls, Living retaining walls, creating sound barriers, for use in urban areas and in the construction of storm water management projects.

In Canada, Flex SME has been successfully used in the development of green low impact environmental development communities as well as being utilised in gold and silver grade LEED projects. In relation to LEED, Flex MSE provides major advantages from the environmental benefits and natural elements designed into the geobag technology. When used with hydroseeding technology, large retaining walls can be transformed into vital habitats while river banks can be designed for endangered species.

  • Rebuilding tidal estuaries for increased coastal resilience

  • Canada’s First Commercial Gold LEED Building

  • Industrial Site Remediation

  • Stormwater mitigation at Commercial Sites

  • Work with existing landforms and features

  • LEED SiIver Project – Bamboo Stairway – 3 years

  • Municipal Stormwater Infrastructure – Hydroseeded – 3 months

Landscapers can take full advantage of Flex SME’s adaptability and flexibility by designing free flowing landscaping works to match any land formation or to create unique salient garden designs to stand out amongst the natural surroundings.

Environmental Benefits

Flex MSE is an ideal system for integration into Water Sensitive Urban Design and Low Impact Development plans. Flex MSE reinforces green spaces and is 50% recycled content, repurposes excavated materials, is nontoxic and expends 3% of the Green House Gas (GHG) emissions of comparative concrete solutions.

With the current trend towards Green Construction for projects of all sizes it’s good to know that Flex MSE uses 97% less GHG than concrete and can qualify for as many as 21 LEED credits in 4 distinct categories.

Flex MSE berms and walls also reduce sound pollution by absorbing reflective sound into the vegetated soils and all but eliminate graffiti concerns.

A further benefit of Flex MSE to Green Construction is that it is easy to install and has less impact on the health and welfare of the installation Team. Less opportunity for injuries and machinery breakdown allow for projects to complete on time and under budget.

Flex MSE has all these benefits, while still being less expensive than hard armour systems making it a very economical engineered Green solution.

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