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An all in one Green Roof System


EcoGrid for Green Roofs

Landtech Soils are proud to introduce a innovative product to our green roof range. The EcoGrid Tray for green roofs. This Tray allows for quick and intelligent installation for urban greening. The design allows for vegetation to grow in a 4 per square metre, 600x400x68mm (1.52KG) PVC tray meaning that a green roof can come already planted and ready to lay.

The EcoGrid tile for green roofs has an inbuilt water reservoir that helps to provide the vegetation with a supply of water when it needs it to grow throughout the year.

The unique design feature with the tray is that it was designed with maintenance in mind. For example, if one part of the green roofs vegetation fails for what ever reason a landscaping crew would be required to “lift” a section of the green roof to repair it. This can be an expensive service that sometimes requires the replacement of large section of green roof to be removed and also may result in causing damage to the underlayer water membrane.

With EcoGrid’s trays for green roofs, if a problem occurs with a section of the vegetation all that is required is removing the effected trays and replacing the material within them instantaneously. This dramatically reduces the cost of maintenance to the property owner and provides them with a extremely fast and effortless option for a green roof.

If you are interested in finding out more about our EcoGrid Trays for Green Roofs or are curious as to how much it would cost to get a green roof for your home or office please give John O Hara a call. Or if you are interested in finding out more information on our Green Roof services and offers please find out more by Clicking Here»

Our Vegetation Options

Wildflower Meadow Grass

Sedum with seven species

Wildflower & Sedum Mixtures

Grass Mixtures

Wildflower & meadow grass Sedum Roof  on Garden Shed Sedum & Wildflower Grass Green Roof Solutions
Encourages biodiversity
Drought Tolerance
Minimal Maintenance
Drought Tolerance
Ecological Benefits
Peace of Mind

Technical Details

Four per square metre

Size: 600x400x68mm
Weighing: 1.52KG



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